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Stuff for me to do....

No Collaborations by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - Open by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDukeACEOs - Friends Only by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDuke


Things i will not draw:
hentai(i will do nudes though), nipples, furries(cuz i cant; nekos and stuff are fine), naruto fanart, fancouples(unless its like your oc with someone from a show or manga; but anything like ichihime is a big NO), complex architecture or other things that are very complicated and beyond my skill level.
Things i will draw: most things as long as they dont fall under the "will not draw list"
feel free to ask me questions as well^^

Trades and their status:


Contest Prizes:


:iconrenichii96: : havent started
:iconyanderika: : sorta started

Secret Easter Bunny: sorta sketched

pardon my slow laziness >.<


Adoptable for Grell
adoptable for unknownshadow4ever
do not pay into unless i told you to
Graphite/Charcol Shaded
Insanity by Captain-Kiryu
C: TenishiNoFuu by Captain-Kiryu
Cynophobia by Captain-Kiryu
Back in Black by Captain-Kiryu
The holes inside by Captain-Kiryu
these i will only do in my style of line shading, because otherwise they would take far too long and make me too angry. these will be similar to the full colour in that you can get one character at the base price with a background and additional characters will add 3 usd or 300 points to the price. i made them the most expensive cuz i dislike doing them
Watercolor Painting knees up
Oh yes another redone picture by Captain-Kiryu
Lonely Days on the Rooftop by Captain-Kiryu
10 by Captain-Kiryu
base price at 1500 points or $15 dollars is for one character. additional characters will be $5 each. backgrounds can vary from simple to complex.
ask me about shipping if desired.
Full colour full body
Protecting the Princess coloured by Captain-Kiryu
CE: Myetti by Captain-Kiryu
Unicorn by Captain-Kiryu
Mew by Captain-Kiryu
Jade by Captain-Kiryu
A fully coloured drawing of a character of your choosing, i prefer oc's since i'm not very good at fanart, but i will try my hardest regardless. depending on the composition of the pose, it will not likely have too complex of a background. however, i am trying to improve with things like that so feel free to challenge me. with each additional character, it will be an additional 3 usd or 300 points. 
therefore, with a base price of $10 or 1000 points you get a full colour drawing of one character. when another character is added it becomes 13 usd or 1300 points. 
I will also do the commission for half the regular price if at least one of the characters is one of my adoptables that you've purchased,
this applies to any of my commission types
if you have any questions, feel free to send me a note^^
Knees Up full colour
Red Elf by Captain-Kiryu
Katie's had some fun by Captain-Kiryu
No fun without a little colour by Captain-Kiryu
A Flower is Born by Captain-Kiryu
C: VonDiezyl by Captain-Kiryu
same rules for full body, but with no feets or shins
and its only +$1 or 100 points for additional characters
Full Colour Head Shot
AT: Anime116 by Captain-Kiryu
AT: Mahersal by Captain-Kiryu
CP: Nidjhat by Captain-Kiryu
Star by Captain-Kiryu
Bloom by Captain-Kiryu
All the same rules for full body
only it is as the name implies its just a bust
Full Coloured Chibi
C: Dancing--Bubbles by Captain-Kiryu
G: Izka-197 by Captain-Kiryu
additional characters in one pic will be $1 or 100pts each
Inked Pages
Purple Roses WIP by Captain-Kiryu
My boys again by Captain-Kiryu
The fight for control by Captain-Kiryu
R: Shikiren96 by Captain-Kiryu
Tj and Nico by Captain-Kiryu
a basic, clean lineart
i can add shading as well if requested
they can be used as colouring pages or whatever you want
up to 5 characters at base price, additional characters are 1 usd or 100 points per character.
Adoptables 12 EXTRAS by Captain-Kiryu
Jack and Lana by Captain-Kiryu
Friendly faces by Captain-Kiryu
His true form by Captain-Kiryu
sketches with a bit of shading
probably a max of 2 characters at the flat rate
and +50 points per additional character
can be normal or chibi, fullbody whatever
just be specific when you want something specific
will do simple backgrounds, mostly designy things likely

Open Adoptables


their prices vary, but they are all under $10
Adoptables 6 OPEN 3/3 by Captain-KiryuAdoptable 8 OPEN by Captain-KiryuAdoptable 9 OPEN (reduced price) by Captain-KiryuAdoptable 10 OPEN (reduced price) by Captain-KiryuAdoptables 11 OPEN 1/3 by Captain-KiryuAdoptable 15 OPEN by Captain-KiryuAdoptable 14 OPEN by Captain-Kiryu



Favourite clothing style? like the kind in art, not what you wear 

9 deviants said Goth/Punk
7 deviants said Normal/Casual
6 deviants said Fantasy
5 deviants said Loose/Flowing
3 deviants said Visual Kei
2 deviants said Lolita
2 deviants said Tight/Body Conforming
No deviants said Preparatory
No deviants said Elegant/Formal/Semi-formal
No deviants said Aclectic



Giveaway of sorts

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 3:13 PM

so im just bored and had a somewhat cool idea
since i recently just finished a giant page of eyes, it gave me an idea 

what you have to do to enter this giveaway is share this journal
then comment with a link to the journal so i know that you did
i'll pick 6 random winners

at the date of 3rd May (sorry about the change, i forgot that i'll be on vacation)
the winners will then pick a set of (or one of the single) eyes from this page:
Watching You- Fin Detail 2 by Captain-KiryuWatching You- Fin Detail by Captain-KiryuWatching you by Captain-Kiryu
and i will design a custom adoptable around that pair of eyes^^
when you pick a pair, just put the image in paint or muro, and circle which ones you want
then upload it to stash and send me a comment with the link

does that make sense?
winners must specify these qualities for the adoptable:
-clothing genre
-long or short hair
-colour scheme (optional; if you dont care, i will just make the adoptable match the eyes you picked)

This is my first attempt at a giveaway and i wish you all luck! thank you^^


I am Zangetsu!

We are Kiryu and Kaichi. and sometimes Pablo...hehe
you've been warned.
try not to succumb to the madness

my favourite things to use nowadays are mechanical graphite pencil, prismacolor pencil, pens, white gel pen, pastel/charcoal and i am still experimenting with nib pens and watercolour paints

some of the artists i admire and whose art i study intently include:
:iconagnes-cecile: :iconakirakirai: :iconburdge: :iconcherriuki: :iconerebun: :iconkhaoskai: :iconmaevachan: :iconluleiya: :iconmyhilary: :iconmroczniak: :iconnanomortis: :iconnanfe: :iconresake::iconyuumei: :iconemperpep: :iconmazjojo::iconpyromaniac: :iconchaamal: :iconlolisoup: :iconlaverinne: :iconkandasama: :iconjujupie: :iconrazor-sensei: :iconzaphylla: :iconze-rofruits: :iconchikukko::iconclaparo-sans::iconjon-lock::iconoomizuao::iconlaovaan::iconryo-thae::iconecthelian:

Favourite genre of music: no idea anymore
Favourite style of art: Don't know...I draw anime. but I like many kinds of art
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Wallpaper of choice: Does this mean on the computer? if so, it'd be anything with Ichigo Kurosaki on it
Skin of choice: I don't understand the question....
Favourite cartoon character: Does Ichigo count as a cartoon charactor? I like Stitch too
Personal Quote: "I believe art was meant to be more beautiful than reality."


idk why I have prints
no one wants this garbage!
in truth I probably just like having a bunch of widgets on my page^^;


ok, i even have favourite "favorites", here's some
+ Ichigo + by seepia Bleach: Hichigo x Ichigo by Shailo Matryoshka Ichigo by penciltail Wait for it, legendary by Jeanette-Black+King and his horse+ by moni158Ichigo Kurosaki. by ErinEhmazingIchigo:Three in one by moni158+Ichi and Hichi+ by moni158Happy Birthday, Ichigo by NelielDanteShirosaki  Ogichi by haki-no-jetsuTHANK YOU :D by MizashiShattered Angel | Prom Night | BLEACH by DivineImmortalityIchigo and the Couch by Lilak-rainHigh School Student by Day - Shinigami by Night by Dark-Skater-Girl15/07 by Basylea+Ichigo Fanservice+ by moni158Don't Forget Your Sins by xioara09H O L L O W E D by Touya101Do not watch me by Touya101Desperado by Touya101Dogs Ichigo? by Touya101Hichigo by IFrAgMenTIxBlack and White by Touya101Ichigo by AFunnyTattooed by Mndcntrl
ok, so my favourite favorites are usually ichigo...but come'on! he's so freakin attractive! i feel like im gonna have a nosebleed every time he says bankai!'s others
Carciphona - Toccata by shilinSchizoid by PlaceboFX.Proliferate. by DimWitDogochiba by koyamoriWrath by MaevachanI liek stuff by NightFrostStarleaving hearts by erebunSTARSCREAM by aerlixirthe Stoll Brothers by burdgeBehind the blue by myhilaryI Can't Break Away -UNFINISHED by spicycloudsAo no Exorcist +Rin Okumura+ by Rin-ShibaBLEACH: HichiIchi by blackstormCorpse Bride Sketchiepoo by RohanElfLink by khchibi-lurverSuper Mario Pals by TerrorEffect In my headWhat is wrong with me?
I can see them
and hear them
their words
their glares
drawing ever closer.
Do they care?
Why do they follow me?
Taunt me?
Hurt me?
Do what they can to destroy me?
And those who look away...
why won't they help?
Don't they think?
Or know?
Don't they catch sight and suspicion?
They plant these voices in my head
and I don't know how much more I can take.
The reflection of myself is fading
behind scratched glass.
I am breaking down slowly
and they do not care.
The voices.
The people.
Stabbing, scratching,
doing what they can
to murder my soul.
Music in a darkened theater-3The girl turned suddenly as a person fell through. She quickly stood, knocking the seat behind her in her rush to get some distance from this intruder.
The figure on the ground gave a low groan, propping themselves onto their forearms. It was a he. He looked like he had been chased around the entire downtown area. His jeans were torn, his sweater loose and greyed, probably black at one point before many washes. His shoes didnt look too new. His light hair looked like someone had thrown paint on the back of it. 'Some bad dye job?' she thought until the light caught the drying blood. Hesitantly she stepped towards him, leaning down to look at his face. He was very pale with a tight expression. But not bad looking in the least. . .
His sudden movement, an attempt to sit, made her jump back. He looked at her through slightly glazed eyes. "Wh- who are you?" he asked slowly. "Better question is who you are and how you got in here." she muttered. The boy held the back of his head. "Zeke. And
Bloodlust by dark-loli-chanEroding .. by Ash-3xpiredZahara by myhilary+ Pressure + by akirakiraiFear by akirakiraiEmo Boy by Nemori-Nekofor each beat of his heart by agnes-cecile

ok, im too lazy to add any more. but i think everything in ive favourited is awesome^^


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